Shimadzu original MOC-120H infrared moisture meter

New quality sensor “ Uni Bloc” Accurate automatic moisture content determination


Detailed introduction

New quality sensor “ Uni Bloc” Accurate automatic moisture content determination

♦   Wide weighing plate (130mm)

Can be thinly and evenly loaded multiple samples, rapid precision drying deviation small determination.

♦   The use of medium wave infrared quartz heaters with excellent drying rates for a wide range of samples can achieve ideal drying conditions, and long service life (20.000~30.000 hours).

♦   In the balance part of the determination of the heart, “ Uni Bloc”

is not susceptible to temperature changes and can be easily measured to 0.001g units.

♦   9 methods can be selected through the combination of automatic stop, time stop and standard, fast, slow and segmented drying methods.

And each sample through the measurement method and measurement conditions such as temperature monitoring range combination, a total of 10 measurement modes can be logged in advance, you can immediately set the test mode suitable for the sample.

♦   Range display with a simulated bar chart that monitors the amount of mass change at any time during the determination.

The drying condition can be visually confirmed, so as to predict the end time.

♦   Shimadzu's own inside “ Through window ” Function

The values in the determination can be simply imported into Excel, etc. After the value is transferred into Excel, you can use numerical calculation, drawing and other functions to freely process the data. Connection only 1 RS232C cable, no interface connection, software installation, etc.

♦   Loaded with unique automatic peeling function

A unique way of automatically zeroing the edge of the balance. Even for a long period of determination, extremely accurate determination can be made through zero drift correction.

♦   Equipped with deviation correction function for measured values.

The measured results can be unified with the measured data using other devices or methods.

♦   Large LCD display with back light for easy operation in the dark.


Technical parameters





Method of determination

Infrared heating drying quality determination

Weighing plate size


Minimum display value of weighing part

0.001 g

Moisture content measurement range

0.01% ~ 100.00%

Moisture content minimum display bit


Maximum sample size


Method of determination

Automatic stop, time stop, fast drying, slow drying, stage drying, prediction (comparison) measurement

Drying heat source

Medium wavelength infrared quartz heater

Temperature setting range

30~180℃(step 1℃)

Host size · Weight

220W× 415D× 190H(mm), 4.5kg

Operating temperature and humidity range

5~40℃, below 85%RH

Power required

AC100~120/220~240V, Max. 640W


Sample tray × 2, tray holder, windbreaker, sample tray clamp, aluminum sheet × 20 sheets

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