Shimadzu original new AT-R 1/10,000 analytical balance

The first use of aluminum integral mass sensor "Uni Bloc" Analytical balance


Detailed introduction

The first use of aluminum integral mass sensor "Uni Bloc" Analytical balance

♦ May "Intelligent setting" Responsiveness. Stability

Responsiveness is even more important when weighing samples such as powders and liquids. On the contrary, when weighing in a windy and vibrating environment, stability is more important. The AT-R is equipped with a 5-level scale, which can be easily switched to two modes in the detection of responsiveness (R) and stability (S).

♦ PC connection via USB and RS232C

Standard configuration can easily connect PC, PLC (programmable logic controller) USB and RS232C two interfaces.

Directly transmit the weighing value to the PC to prevent human error.

♦ Static eliminator for stable weighing

TM Using the optional static eliminator STABLO-AP, you can quickly remove static electricity from samples and containers in no wind conditions. Prevents reproducibility reduction and numerical deviation caused by static electricity. Flask, such as the use of intelligent brackets (optional accessories) can further improve the static elimination effect.


Technical parameters

Model ATX324R ATX224R ATX124R ATX84R ATY324R ATY224R ATY124R ATY64R
P/N 321-74400-05 321-74400-04 321-74400-03 321-74400-02 321-74400-10 321-74400-09 321-74400-08 321-74400-06
Weighing range 320g 220g 120g 82g 320g 220g 120g 62g
Accuracy 0.1mg
Weighing tray dimensions (mm) About 091mm
Dimensions About 213(W) x356[D) x338(H)mm
Weight About 6.2kg About 6.Okg
Host alignment AC adapter (input AC 100V 50/6OHz output DC12V, 1A)
Port RS232c(D-sub 9P socket), USBDevice(TypeB)
Calibration weight Internal weight External weight

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