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2013-01-18 12:00

The company's main products are AE series electronic Shimadzu balance, with ten years of production experience and technology accumulation, this series of Shimadzu electronic analytical balance can now account for more than 60% of the company's total sales revenue. AEU-210 is a kind of electronic analytical balance with high precision and strong reliability, designed and manufactured by introducing the manufacturing technology of Shimadzu Company in Japan and advanced sensor technology and micro-processing technology in the world: the maximum weighing is 210g, the minimum weighing is 0.1mg, and the accuracy is as high as 1/10000; Adopt large screen LCD display; Weighing is rapid and stable, the input and output system of the balance is linked with the computer for data processing, and the balance can be used for general heavy measurement of the sample to be measured, comparative determination, quantitative determination, mass determination in % as a unit, moisture content determination, coefficient determination, net total measurement, % unit and net total measurement. The technical performance of the balance is basically consistent with the technical performance indicators of similar foreign products, and is at the international leading level. Its technical characteristics and advantages are as follows: 1. Sensor (magnetoelectric sensor with magnetic induction intensity of 8000 ~ 9000 gauss rare earth magnetic steel and 0.189mm heat capacity enamelled wire wound into a fixed ring and moving ring, photoelectric sensor with a special transistor, respectively, electromagnetic force balance control, micro displacement control, temperature compensation control). 2. Microcomputer technology (composed of highly integrated components of a microprocessing unit, most of the functions are completed by software, you can choose any way of working, the average processing program in the software is in the leading position in the world, and the input and output interface is linked with a large computer or printer). 3. CPPMA working mode is adopted (regardless of the multiple samples, the heat output of the sensor inside the balance is constant, so as to ensure good stability of the weighing process). 4. Digital averaging processing technology (averaging time is divided into 1.6s, 3.2s, 6.4s three grades, stability range is divided into 0.1mg and 0.3mg second grades, measurement conditions can be arbitrarily selected during the working process, rapid reading, stable weighing). Another leading product of the company, the KF series particle analyzer adopts the principle of conductive method and the application of microcomputer technology, which can accurately and rapidly analyze the particle size and distribution of the particle material, and can detect the size and quantity of solid particles in the liquid. Due to the application of microcomputer technology, the data processing ability is greatly improved, and it has a rich interface, which is convenient to connect with the Internet. The instrument is accurate and the test results are in good agreement with those of microscope. The test speed is fast, the analysis of a sample only takes a few minutes, and the repeatability is good. Due to the use of Chinese prompts, man-machine dialogue makes the operation more simple and convenient. KF-16A particle analyzer is a product to fill the national gap, the instrument can measure 1 ~ 256μm suspended particles in the liquid, widely used in petrochemical, building materials, metallurgy, soil, medicine, environmental protection and other departments. Two, production and operation management system In the production and operation of the company set up a production department and two production workshops: The production Department is responsible for coordinating and implementing the production assembly and storage management of Tiantian, etc. The production assembly site of more than 1000m2 has a number of test rooms for debugging and measuring the balance, such as the aging room of electronic balance, the aging room of high and low temperature and the aging correction room of mechanical balance. Among them, the AE/AU series electronic analysis balance of Shimajin Tianping (reading accuracy range: 0.1mg) is the electronic analytical balance with the highest sensitivity and the best stability in China, and has Data I/O and RS-232C interfaces, which can be connected with peripheral equipment such as printers and computers. In Shimadzu balance series productization, the company has an annual output of more than 10,000 units of production capacity. The function of the production workshop is to be responsible for the assembly and production of all balances of the company, and cooperate with the technical quality Department to do the assembly, debugging and maintenance of all kinds of balances. The work of production department and production workshop is directly responsible to the production vice president. The general manager is directly in charge of the marketing work, guided by the needs of the market, with customer service as the center, with the purpose of providing products and services to meet the needs, on the one hand, give full play to the good reputation of "Xiangyi" brand in the same industry, and continue to develop and expand the market; On the other hand, according to the national policy of increasing investment in education and the current good situation of adjustment and merger of higher education institutions across the country, using the good relationship of long-term cooperation with the Foreign Investment Representative Office of the Ministry of Education, China Technology International Tendering Company and China Teaching Instruments and Equipment Corporation of the Ministry of Education, as well as the advantages of product performance and technology, in the new market development and sales strategy, The focus of the work is positioned in the national colleges and universities and State key laboratories and research institutes to further expand the market share with points. At the same time, according to the experience of our company's products sold to Southeast Asia, the Americas and the Middle East market, make full use of the good external environment of China's accession to the WTO and the modern communication and sales methods of the Internet, increase the company's publicity efforts, expand the amount of product exports, and strive to occupy a place in the international market. And make "Xiangyi balance" become a well-known brand in the international peers. Quality is the life of the enterprise, and the guarantee of technological innovation and new product development is the driving force for the survival and development of the enterprise in the economy. The company has set up a technical quality department: responsible for new technology, new product development of the overall scheme design, technical quality department under the electrical design room, mechanical design room; The technical design, production process and software development of the company's products are implemented to every engineer or senior engineer in the Technical quality department. The work of the engineering and technical personnel is directly responsible to the Technical Quality Department director (Assistant to the general manager). In terms of technology and product development, the company absorbs advanced technology from domestic and foreign industries, and has long-term cooperation with well-known universities and companies at home and abroad. Under the strong cooperation of Shimadzu Company, Hunan University, National University of Defense Science and Technology, and the Eighth Design Institute, we will develop a series of internationally advanced technologies and products. For example, the electronic analysis balance and Windiws direct connection function, the balance data can be directly transferred to the Windiws platform for data processing, to achieve network connection, the development of high-precision intelligent moisture tester, can completely replace the traditional moisture measurement method. In order to ensure the high starting point of technical products, the company will make considerable investment in development and research funds, product development funds in 2003 reached more than 200,000 yuan, accounting for more than 7% of the total revenue of the company during the same period, from technology development, product design to product quality inspection, operating services, daily administrative management to achieve internal network management. In March 2004, the company passed the audit and acceptance of the national quality Environment Certification Center, and obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification. Quality management: 1. Set up part-time quality supervisors for each product. Responsible for the quality from parts to assembly process, unqualified parts are not assembled, do not meet the requirements of the assembly process, rework according to the process, emphasize the work quality to ensure product quality, and set quality control points in the assembly process. 2. The finished product is inspected by computer, and whether it is qualified or not is judged by computer to avoid human error. 3. The quality manager of the machining workshop is responsible for the inspection of the machined parts, the quality review of the parts before entering the assembly, and the timely treatment of defective products. Four, prospects and planning as a long-term professional engaged in the development, production and sales of balance instrument equipment, with more than 30 years of experience and technology accumulation of technology-intensive enterprises, according to "Xiang Yi balance" in the domestic balance industry for many years to maintain a leading position, with China's accession to WTO, market economy globalization, Social requirements for product quality and new technology continue to improve, foreign enterprises and technology will continue to enter our market, our company in the face of challenges and at the same time, will continue to develop the balance industry, give full play to the advantages of new technology, low cost, good service, and further expand market share. The intelligent balance will replace the traditional balance, and Japan Shimadzu company to continue to maintain good cooperation, and continue to launch the world's leading electronic analytical balance series, according to an average of 60,000 yuan per unit, the annual output of 5,000 units calculated output value will reach 30 million yuan. Therefore, electronic balance is one of the economic growth points and key development projects of the company. At the same time with the economic development of our country, medical and environmental protection will also become the focus of development, my company's other leading product particle analyzer is also the main direction of development. In the next few years, in order to further improve product quality, expand product sales and meet the growing demand of the market, the company will take talents as the source, constantly improve the internal management and quality assurance system, strengthen the quality awareness of employees, and form a cultural atmosphere of hard learning, quality straight, innovation and self-challenge within the enterprise; At the same time, in terms of hardware facilities, the existing test and testing equipment is upgraded, and efforts are made to improve the testing means of products, establish a more complete set of production and inspection procedures, so that the products are more competitive in the market. Because of the company's two series of products with high added value, wide range of application, strong market competitiveness. It is expected that the output value in three years will reach 32 million yuan, and the sales target of 40 million yuan will be achieved. "Xiangyi Tianping" will work with new and old customers at home and abroad to create a better future of national industry with the spirit of enterprise and product quality of "integrity and people, users only, excellence, striving for first-class".





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