Fault maintenance and correct use of electronic balance

2015-05-20 12:00

First, the standardized use of electronic balances

1. Choose the right electronic balance

The selection of electronic balances mainly considers that the weighing and sensitivity of the balance should meet the requirements of weighing, and the structure of the balance should adapt to the characteristics of the work. The principle of choosing an electronic balance is not only to ensure that the balance is not overloaded and damaged, but also to ensure that the weighing reaches the necessary relative accuracy, and to prevent the use of a balance with insufficient accuracy to weigh, so as not to meet the accuracy requirements; It is also necessary to prevent waste caused by the misuse of high accuracy scales.

2. Install the electronic balance correctly

First of all, it is necessary to choose a room that is dust-proof, shock-proof, moisture-proof, and prevents temperature fluctuations as a balance room, and the balance with higher accuracy should also be used in a constant greenhouse. Secondly, the balance should be placed on a firm and reliable workbench, and the appropriate position should be selected to facilitate the operation of the electronic balance. Before installing the electronic balance, check whether the components are complete and intact according to the complete list of the electronic balance; Carefully clean all components of the electronic balance. Install electronic days, should refer to the manual of electronic balance, correctly assemble the balance, and correct the level, after the installation should be checked again whether the installation of all parts is normal, and then check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements of the balance, and then plug the power plug.

3. Preheat the electronic balance

Before starting to use the electronic balance, it should be turned on in advance, that is, preheat for half an hour to an hour. If you're going to use it multiple times a day, it's best to leave the scales on all day. In this way, the electronic balance can have a constant operating temperature inside, which is conducive to the accuracy of the weighing process.

Step 4 Calibrate

Electronic balances should be calibrated periodically from the first use. If used continuously, calibrate approximately once a week. Calibration must use standard weights, some balances contain standard weights, can be used to calibrate the balance. Before calibration, the electronic balance must be turned on and preheated for more than 1 hour, and proofread the level. Calibration should be carried out in accordance with the prescribed procedures, otherwise it will not play the role of calibration.

5. Perform the operation correctly

When weighing the electronic balance, the control keys and function keys should be used correctly; Select the best integration time, correctly grasp the reading and printing time, in order to obtain the best weighing results. When using the peeling key to continuously weigh, pay attention to the balance overload. The balance door should be closed during weighing. After the electronic balance is used, the door cover should be closed, the power supply should be cut off, and the dust cover should be put on the cover.

Second, the maintenance of electronic balance

1. The electronic balance room should be kept clean, neat and dry, and should not be washed, dined or smoked in the room.

2. The electronic balance should be kept and maintained by a special person, and a technical file bag should be set up to store the operating instructions, verification certificates, test records, and regular records of maintenance and overhaul.

3. The measurement performance of the balance should be tested regularly. If the balance is found to be unqualified, it should be stopped immediately and sent to professionals for repair. The balance can be used only after it has been repaired and verified to be qualified.

4. The pan, shell and hood should be cleaned frequently. Generally, clean silk cloth with a little alcohol should be rubbed gently. Strong solvents should not be used. After the balance is cleaned, a non-corrosive desiccant should be placed in the frame and replaced regularly.

5. If an abnormal situation is found after the electronic balance is turned on, the balance should be turned off immediately, and the power supply, connection, fuse, switch, sliding door, weighed object, operation method, etc., should be checked accordingly. In short, in the maintenance of the electronic balance, the user should be careful to ensure the integrity of the equipment.





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