The world's TOP resolution - Shimadzu Taiping AP225W

2019-05-22 16:12

AP225W adopts the new mass sensor UniBloc AP, which greatly improves the reaction speed and stability, enabling fast and stable measurement. The host is standard equipped with USB and RS232C connectors, which can output data to the printer and PC at the same time to achieve function expansion; Support user check balance function, users can easily carry out repeatability, four Angle error and other inspection operations; The buffer solution preparation mode enables users to easily prepare buffer solutions without complicated calculations. The host has registered 13 kinds of main buffer solution preparation formula, and the buffer solution that is not registered can also be added. Sample preparation mode, safe and reliable user management functions and ISO/GLP/GMP supported printing functions are tailored for pharmaceutical industry customers. Standard equipped with smart bracket, smart bracket and static eliminator STABLO AP used in combination, not only can quickly remove the static electricity of the entire sample room, including the surface of the glass container, but also help to shorten the weighing time and improve the reliability of the weighing.

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